Surrogacy during Covid-19

U.S. Intended Parents

Overseas Surrogacy during Covid-19

The world was hit with the COVID-19 virus over a year ago. When it happened the world panicked, and governments shut the world down. As a company, that had more than 40 running pregnancies, when this happened, Lotus had to react quickly.


We corresponded with the Ukrainian government and got special permission for all our intended parents to enter Ukraine and as a result of that, all of Lotus families were able to unite with their babies, immediately after their birth, with some families actually attending the birth.

We got very appreciative help from the Ukraine government so all of the Lotus babies were able to receive their birth certificates, the day they were born.

Also we would like to thank all the diplomatic missions, of the Lotus families, for their greater support in helping Lotus babies receive their passport in record time so they could go back home and be reunited with their love ones.

During the COVID 19 pandemic one of our main concerns was the well-being of our surrogate mothers and the babies they were carrying.

We were able to find good and reliable clinics in surrogate mothers home towns, in order to cut down on surrogate traveling to our partner’s clinics in Kiev. Some surrogates even moved earlier, than planned, to Kiev so they could be close to the maternity hospital.

During this year, Lotus has managed to ship biological materials like embryos, semen and frozen oocytes safely from all over the world to Ukraine and had been very successful in achieving pregnancies with these biological materials.

The COVID 19 has presented many challenges to the Lotus team and we are proud of the way our team handled the challenges.


The COVID 19 is here and unfortunately isn’t going to leave us in the near future, so it’s something we need to learn to leave with and therefore Lotus did the proper adjustments to do so.

It does present a challenge, but with the experience that Lotus Surrogacy has accumulated in its 11 years of existence and during the COVID 19 pandemic, you know you are in good hands with Lotus Surrogacy and over 500 families with Lotus babies, can attest to this.

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